Flights program



  • 9 weekly flights to MARSEILLE with TWIN JET

  •  1 weekly flight to BASTIA with HOP! AIR FRANCE from  June to September

  • 1 weekly flight to AJACCIO with HOP! AIR FRANCE from June to September


  • 1 weekly flight to STRASBOURG with HOP! AIR FRANCE from November to April






In 2019, ten destinations (flights + stay or tour) will be offered from Pau to Portugal, Southern Italy, Andaloucia, Madeira, Balearic Islands, Sicily, Crete, Scotland, Italy and Croatia. These formulas (flights + stay or tour) can already be booked by groups, worker's committees and associations and will be open to individual customers during the year (for more information and reservation, contact your travel agent).



Our destinations in video

OPEN TERMINAL BUILDING Winter schedule (from the last Sunday in October to the last Saturday in March)

Monday to Friday 4h45-23h15  |  Saturday 4h45-21h45  |  Sunday 4h45-23h
In the event of a flight scheduled after these times or delayed, the terminal will close 30 minutes after the actual time of arrival

from 7:15 am to 10:45 pm