Corporate Services

VIP rooms

The Airport can help you welcome your company's major customers or VIP.


Jacqueline AURIOL - VIP lounge

Reservation on request at least 48 hours in advance.

Capacity : 8/10 persons.






Meeting rooms for rent

Do you want to organise a professional meeting with your visitors in the terminal building to optimise work time in a pleasant, functional and naturally-lit setting ?


The Airport offers 4 meeting and reception rooms accommodating between 8 and 70 people.

These are available for rent and can be equipped to suit your needs (video, overhead projector, touchscreen, paper-board, Wi-Fi, etc.).


See our prices : Tariffs


We can also organise breakfasts, lunches or cocktails as required. For more information, consult the "Restaurants" section 


The Aerosite industrial park is adjacent to the airport. It consists of 10 hectares of land dedicated to aeronautical industries or companies who need access to the runway (the premises can offer direct runway access).

The surface area of the plots can range from 3 000 m² to 20 000 m² upon request.

The sector will have its own roads. The plots will be equipped with collective sewer system, electricity, gas, drinking water and ADSL.

Public lighting is installed along the service road.




Communauté d'agglomération Pau Béarn Pyrénées
Hôtel de France
2 bis, place Royale
64 000 PAU


TERMINAL BUILDING OPENING HOURS (from February 27th to March 25th)