Car Parks


Two car parks are at your disposal with a total of 1,300 spaces.


Long-stay car park P2 is better value for money if you are leaving your vehicle for more than 24 hours.



Car park information : reception, information & parking desk.



  • In the terminal: Car Park information (coins, notes, cheques, credit and debit cards Visa & Mastercard)
  • 2 automatic payment machine (credit and debit cards, Visa & Mastercard)
  • At all car park exits : payment by credit and debit cards, Visa & Mastercard


Car park regulations

  • Please only park in the disabled parking spaces if you are entitled to do so.
  • Vehicles are parked at their owner's risk. The duties levied are only parking duties. The company which manages the car parks declines any liability in the event of damage, theft or accident.


Parking for persons with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility who have a mobility inclusion card (CMI) can park at the P1 park and benefit from the P2 park rate by presenting themselves at the "Toll parking" counter.

Subscription for persons with reduced mobility (P1) :

  • 3 months : 145 €
  • 6 months : 270 €
  • 12 months : 455 €




Duration All Car Parks
< 30 mn (quick drop-off) Free

30mn-45 mn

then 0.60€ every 15 minutes after


until 1h

then 0.40€ every 15 minutes after


until 1h30

then 0.30€ every 15 minutes after


until 5h

then 0.20€ every 15 minutes after


jusqu'à 12h

12h-24h 15.50€


Over 24 hours
P1 P2
36 hours 21.30€ 18.50€
48 hours 27.00€ 21.50€
72 hours 37.00€ 25.50€
96 heures 47.00€ 29.50€
Per day thereafter
+10€ +4€

An hour consists of 60 minutes, or part thereof


The effective date of subscriptions is the first day of the subscription month.


3 months 175€
6 months 325€
12 months 565€
Cards P2

 12 months



Cards P1 minimum 3 months
Cards P2 minimum 12 months

The parking period is limited to 6 months

Check your tariff

On-line tariff simulation

Thanks to our on-line tool, you can check the rate of your car park at the airport. In a click, verify which parking will be the most economic, short or long stay.

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