Security measures

For faster security checks:

  • Present all liquids you are carrying to the security agents for examination.
  • Take off your coats and jackets.
  • Remove your laptop computers or other electrical devices from your cabin baggage and from their cases/covers (if any). They will be checked separately while you are being checked.

Measures applicable to liquids, gels, creams, pastes, aerosols

  • The following will be allowed through the security checkpoints: bottles and tubes which have a maximum volume of 100 ml and which are placed in one single sealed, transparent, plastic bag measuring approximately 20 cm x 20 cm. Only one bag is allowed per person.
  • The following will not be allowed through the security checkpoints: products placed in open or non-transparent plastic bags, products which are piled or stacked on top of one another, and containers larger than 100 ml.

Exceptions: baby food that is necessary for the period of the trip and liquid medicines accompanied by prescriptions or supporting documentation.

Put your products in your hold baggage. Only keep essential liquids in your cabin baggage.


It is illegal to carry dangerous goods in aircraft baggage. Offenders may be prosecuted and face criminal charges.

Any items purchased in the departure lounge (in particular, liquids, drinks and perfumes, etc.) are allowed to be taken into the cabin, irrespective of their volume.
Purchases can therefore be made freely in the shops in the departure lounge (within the limits of customs regulations).


For more information on the security measures, consult your airline, travel agency or Pau-Pyrenees Airport on  +33 (0)5 59 33 33 00

Baggages and check-in


Cabin baggage:

Only one item of cabin baggage per passenger, weighing no more than 10 kgs for Transavia, Twin Jet and Chalair flights and 12 kgs for Air France flights. (NB: For Transavia flights, only passengers who paid for the option when booking the ticket or MAX passengers are entitled to free cabin baggage)
Maximum authorised dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm

If you exceed this weight, you will have to transfer some of the weight into a second item of baggage, which will have to be placed in the aircraft hold.

Objects considered to be dangerous are not accepted: guns (including toy or replica guns), scissors, utility knives, penknives, pocketknives, knives and container of 100ml or more, etc. Where necessary, they will be taken away from you at the security checkpoint.


Hold baggage:

Baggage can be checked in to the hold up to a certain limit called the “allowance”, which varies depending on your destination or travel class. For any information, contact your airline.
If you exceed the baggage allowance, you will have to pay an excess baggage charge per additional kilo or additional item of baggage.
For specific items of baggage (bicycles, musical instruments, etc.): consult the airline you are flying with.


Labelling items of baggage:

We advise you to attach an identification label bearing your name, address and telephone number to all items of hold baggage.



Do not forget your valid identity document (passport or national identity card). It is compulsory for check-in prior to boarding.


Check-in can be completed online or at the check-in desk located on the first floor of the terminal (mezzanine)


Check-in time limit before the scheduled time of departure:

  • H-40 min for Transavia flights
  • H-30 min for Air France and Chalair flights
  • H-20 min for Twin Jet flights
For Unaccompanied Minors (UMs) and Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRMs), the recommended check-in time is 1h30mn before the scheduled time of departure.


As the check-in time limit varies between airlines, follow the indications on your ticket or ask your airline for further details.

Administrative formalities

Important !

Depending on your destination, make sure that you have the required documents (national identity card, passport, visa, vaccination record), without which boarding onto the aircraft and entry into the destination country may be refused.


Documents required

For domestic flights within France (excluding Corsica and French overseas départements and territories): valid photo-ID document (passport, national identity card, driving licence)
For international flights within the European Union: national identity card or passport (even if it is expired, but this must be by less than 5 years).
For international flights to destinations outside the European Union: valid passport, visa (if necessary).

For more information, contact the airline concerned.
Every airline company has the choice to be more restrictive


Essential administrative formalities for certain countries 

To find out what these are, contact: your doctor, airline or travel agency,  consulate and ambassy and your Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Found here downloadable the Prefectural Order related to Pau Pyrenees airport regulations. 

To display these document, you will need to install Adobe Reader software

Order (fr)


Customs & tax removal

Certain goods or products must be declared to customs or are subject to specific administrative formalities. For more information, consult the following website:


To find out your rights, consult the Guide to Air Passenger Rights and DGAC website

Passengers with reduced mobility

To benefit from free assistance that is suited to your requirements, inform your airline or travel agency of the following when you make your booking (or, at the latest, 48 hours before your departure):

  • Your specific needs
  • If you will be travelling with your personal wheelchair (electric or manual)

The more information you give us about your disability, the more help we will be able to give you!


Welcoming you:

As soon as you arrive at the Airport, notify your arrival to the staff at the Information Desk. They will put the required assistance in place.


Special facilities:

  • Special parking spaces are available in car park P1, just next to the terminal building
  • All of the Airport’s toilet facilities include at least one disabled toilet
  • All of the Airport’s public telephone points have lowered, wheelchair-accessible telephones
  • Appropriate signage in the car parks

The Airport commits itself to standards of quality:


Departure from Pau

Passengers who made their booking with the airline or travel agency at least 48 hours in advance will be given assistance by the Information Desk staff:

  • Within 10 mn in 90% of cases
  • Within 20 mn in the remaining 10% of cases

Passengers who did not make their booking at least 48 hours in advance will be given assistance by the Information Desk staff within 45 mn.


Arrival at Pau

Passengers who made their booking at least 48 hours in advance will be given assistance to disembark from the aircraft:

  • Immediately after the last able-bodied passenger has disembarked in 95% of cases
  • Within 15 mn of the last able-bodied passenger disembarking in the remaining 5% of cases

Passengers who did not make their booking at least 48 hours in advance will be given assistance to disembark from the aircraft:

  • Within 25 minutes of the last able-bodied passenger disembarking in 80% of cases
  • Within 45 minutes of the last able-bodied passenger disembarking in the remaining 20% of cases

For any requests for assistance on arrival or on departure, please contact the Information Desk: +33 (0)5 59 33 33 00.

Wheelchairs are available on request and can be borrowed in exchange for an identity document (e.g. passport, driving licence, etc.).
This will be returned to you when you return the wheelchair.
Disabled toilet facilities: on the ground floor of the terminal building, in the departures hall and in the departure lounge.

Air France Saphir Service (preparing travel for Persons with Reduced Mobility): 0820 01 24 24 (€0.34/mn) or by e-mail:


New regulations: folding wheelchairs may be put on board under certain conditions. Contact your airline for further details.


For minors travelling with their parents (or a person with parental authority): valid passport or national identity card, or endorsement in his/her parent’s passport (if he/she is under 15 years of age).

For Unaccompanied Minors (UMs) (or minors accompanied by a person who does not have parental authority): a valid national identity card or passport in his/her name (or a passport which is expired by less than 5 years).

These administrative formalities are measures aimed at protecting minors and are essential for all journeys!

Unaccompanied Minors

Children aged between 4 (sometimes 6 depending on the airline) and 12 years of age may travel alone as UMs (Unaccompanied Minors).


5 documents are essential at check-in:

  • Ticket or booking by means of electronic ticket
  • National identity card or passport in the child’s name (can vary depending on the destination)
  • Parental authorisation
  • Identification sheet with the details of the person collecting the UM at the destination airport (fully completed with surname, first name, address and telephone number). This document is handed in at the airport or may be requested during booking
  • The authorisation to leave the country for international flights as well as French overseas departments/territories and Corsica.


How the process works:

Pau Airport personnel take charge of the children at the UM meeting point (located near the check-in desks) to help them go through the security checks and board the aircraft.
Once on board, they are placed in the care of the flight crew until they reach the destination airport.
On arrival, they are handed over to the person indicated on the “collecting-person identification sheet”, after he/she has produced some form of identification.


For more information, contact the airline concerned.

Pregnant women

In principle, pregnant women are only accepted on board aircraft up to and includind the 8th month of their pregnancy

 For more information, contact the concerned airline compagny


Animals are accepted on board aircraft, either in the cabin or in the aircraft hold, unless they are refused for valid reasons ( number of other animals already accepted, state of health, regulations in the destination country, etc...)

Animals weighing less than 5 kg : accepted in the cabin in an appropriate container which must not exceed a specified volume. Take note ! Certain small mammals such as rodents may be subject to specific conditions.

Animals weighing more than 5 kg : apart from in exceptional cases, it is complusory for them to travel in the aircraft hold (pressurised, ventilated and heated) in a special container, which can be purchased at all airports


Essential ! Inform your airline that you will be travelling with an animal as soon as you make your booking

You will be told the cost of transporting the animal at that time. And, whatever destination you are travelling to, always make sure you have your animal's health records 

NB : Size 4 containers are not accepted on Fokker 100 or Embraer 90 aircraft. Please check with your airline !

Lost and found

To report any items which have been lost or found in the terminal or in an aircraft, contact the Information Desk. Telephone: +33 (0)5 59 33 33 00.

If you lose an item in one of the airports in Paris, please contact +33 (0)1 48 16 93 67.

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