Holiday flights 2022 departing from Pau


In eastern Europe, in the famous Balkans, hides a little piece of paradise bathed by the Adriatic Sea. Discreet, but sublime charm, Croatia may very well have emerged from a fairy tail with its waterfalls, lakes and islands that form a true Eden.

From Zagreb to Duvrovnik, its mystical forests, mountains and caves are endless and make Croatia's landscape one of the most beautiful in Europe.


  • Holiday trips 2022 departing from Pau
  • Direct flight from Pau to Dubrovnik
  • From April 30th to May 7th 2022 with Top of Travel
  • Preferential rate parking in the P2 car park - 15€ for 7 days.
  • Reservations are open for groups, associations and individuals.

  • For more information and reservations, please contact your travel agent.




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